G Pop's Farm
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G Pops
A fourth generation horticulturist, Pops (G Pops after the grandchildren came!) has always enjoyed bringing beauty with function through responsible resource management.
Lucy and smore
Lucy is the matriarch of the herd: gentle, docile, and a good mom.  That's Hydrox in the background; another great cow.
About G Pops Farm
​We started in 1996 with a thirty acre farm, a thousand trees, and two bee hives.  We were one of the first farms in Missouri to practice Agronomic Forestry, growing hay and row crops between rows of trees. 1998 brought Angus cattle and our first pecan grove planting.  In 2007 we shifted to the hardier Belted Galloway cattle breed, and started growing Pumpkins and Squash. In 2011 we offered stocked bee hives for sale or rent, answering a need for pollination in urban gardening. Then in 2013 we started planting apple and peach trees.  In 2020 we started “Pick-Your-Own” markets for both our apple orchard location (August) and pumpkin farm location (September).  We have planted, pruned, picked, driven wells, rebuilt barns, spread manure, pulled calves and been bee-stung many a careless time.
We wanted to learn, and to teach, responsible cultural practices that would protect the land, yet provide meaningful sustenance for both our family and those we serve.   
Committed to responsible, natural management of flora and fauna.