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Beehives in your Garden

Purchasing a Beehive
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The English Garden Hive
G Pop's Farm sells or rents beehives to local homeowners with small acreage, farmers and gardeners. Many people desire to rent rather than purchase a beehive for different reasons. Some people desire hives for pollination services solely. Some want to try one out before making the commitment to own. One must understand that honeybee colonies are not like kittens or puppies that can be moved easily or on very short notice. 

A healthy hive in mid-summer will have approximately 60,000 happy residents! So even with a rental, a honeybee hive is a commitment not only to your garden and environment, but also the hive itself. We will professionally prepare and set up the hive(s) on the property. Our professional installation is designed to make the honeybee's job of taking care of and improving your property easy but also to protect the hive from family pets, children's play areas, excess sun, moisture, and other detrimental elements so it may flourish naturally. Hive rental is seasonal and usually used for specific crop, or garden pollination. 

Honeybees are well known for their outstanding pollination abilities and are ideal for backyard gardens and small acreage farmers. Honeybees are normally available for rental from the end of April through October. We offer maintenance and regular service of the hive that is included in the rental price. 

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