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Bees in the Community and Knowing the Law
Relatively few communities in the United States outlaw beekeeping.  However, most have "nuisance laws" that are intended to outlaw things that most people would find objectionable, such as a barking dog or a stinky smell.  Some communities have laws that put practical constraints on beekeeping, such as limits on numbers of hives and a requirement that the beekeeper provide water for the bees. 

As long as there is nectar and pollen-producing plants, there will be bees in our cities and towns across America.  Outlawing beekeeping tends to replace domesticated bees with wild bees, but does not make bees go away.

Prospective beekeepers should learn about legal restrictions before keeping bees.  Regardless of the law, a good beekeeper does not allow his bees to annoy neighbors.  Sharing a jar or two of honey helps too!

G Pop's Farm has ordinances and codes content on more than 30 municipalities and counties in the metropolitan area.  We can discuss these with you upon purchase or rental agreements.