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Purchasing, Renting, and Servicing Your Beehive
We are proud to be offering premium beehives to area homeowners bringing enjoyment and beauty to your own garden.

Purchasing a Beehive

When purchasing a beehive from G Pop's Farm, you will not only get a quality custom hive fully stocked with honey bees and a fresh queen, but you will also get the basic tools for the hive maintenance.  

What Your Beehive Purchase Comes With:

- Bee-Proof Veil
- Smoker Can with Fuel
- Hive Tool
- Canvas Gloves
- Starter Book: "First Lessons in Beekeeping", by Keith S. Delaplane
- Professional Placement and Set Up of the Hive
- Two to Three Pounds of Bees and a New Fertilized Queen
- Visit Within One Week to Ensure Hive and Queen are Doing Well
- Standard Customized Langstroth Hive, Painted with Three Color Options

The Hive Will Consist Of:

- Cypress Wood Base
- Solid Bottom Board
- Entrance Reducer
- "Deep" Hive Body for Rearing Brood by the Queen and her Helpers
- Queen Excluder
- Two "Supers" for either more Brood Rearing or Honey Production
- Inner Cover
- Ridged Copper Top Lid

* Purchased hives come either traditional white, garden green, or antique mustard seed.

Servicing Your Beehive (Purchased or Existing Hives)

You will be given the opportunity for us to service and maintain your hive, if desired.  We come out to your hive and do regular inspections, feed the hive, and provide standard hive maintenance.  

Emergency Response Visits

As we all are aware, emergencies do happen. An on-call service visit is appropriate for all toppled, damaged, or critical care hives.

Renting a Beehive

If you prefer to have a hive only during the peak season, you also have the option to rent a hive.  Rental hives come in Garden Green only, and require a signed rental agreement.

English Garden Langstroth Hive

Service of Purchased or Existing Hives
$44.00 per month

Emergency Response
$88.00 per visit

English Garden Langstroth Hive Rental
$44.00 a month 
(6 month term May - October)
$88.00 one-time set up

*prices subject to change based on price and availability of bees upon stocking your hive​